Sample NCLEX-PN Practice Test Questions – Test Your Skill

Preparation for NCLEX PN Exam with Sample Practice Tests

It has been witnessed that many individuals have started preparing for the state licensure exam after the nursing program at an early stage. The licensure is very important as it will help them to practice as Licensed Practical Nurses or Licensed vocational Nurses. Many nurses wish to continue education by enrolling themselves in the RN program and move forward to become Registered Nurses. To become an LPN/LVN, passing the National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nursing (NCLEX PN) test is important. Without passing the test, one can't even start their nursing career. The NCLEX PN test is held at multiple locations within the country. The individuals can choose any of their nearest centers. It may take 5 hours to complete the test, which can vary.

The test is computer adaptive, which means that the computer adapts the test according to answers provided by you. The questions become harders as the answers get right. It happens because you have already demonstrated that you've mastered the syllabus. With more wrong answers, the number of questions increases. The minimum questions asked is 85 and the maximum is 205. The state licensing boards get the report as pass or fail without revealing the exact scores. The subjects in the NCLEX PN test is similar to the subjects designed for the national tests for registered nurses. In order to take a leap in your nursing career, passing the NCLEX PN exam is important. It is necessary for every individual who is preparing the licensure test take the NCLEX practice quizzes. These quizzes help them to prioritize the topics to be covered. The questions asked in the practice sets will help in improving the critical thinking skills and make one prepare mentally for the real exam. If you are eager to increase your knowledge and boost your confidence then the practice tests can help you improve and overcome your weak points. There are many websites that offer your tests as a registered member and keep your scores private and secure. The best part is that you can take multiple attempts.

Guidelines For NCLEX PN Practice Test

  • Read the questions carefully in order to give your best answer.
  • Don't waste too much time on a particular question as you will get very less time like one minute per question.
  • Think logically and attempt questions.

For every Quiz, the practice test questions are divided into three categories: Text, Practice, and Test.

Text Mode: you have to answer the question on a paper. You can take the print out of the PDF and answer the questions at your own pace.

Practice Mode: All questions are provided on a single page. The explanations or rationales are shown just after you select an answer. There is no time limit for this exam.

Test Mode: It is quite similar to the Practice Mode but the questions appear random. The rationales will be provided after the completion of the quiz. You will get one minute per question in this mode.

All the territorial Boards of Nursing in Nursing have required the passing result on the NCLEX-PN exam. The NCLEX-PN is managed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. (NCSBN). The complete test plan is available on the NCSBN website. The content of the examination is based on the needs of the individual.

Coordinated Care - 19%
Establishing priorities, Continue care, Information security
Concepts of management and supervision, Collaboration
Client rights, Advocacy, client care assignments
Legal responsibilities, Ethical practice, Performance improvement, Resource management

Pharmacologic Therapies - 14%
Pharmacological pain management, Expected actions
Adverse effects, Dosage calculations, Medication administration

Reduction of Risk Potential - 13%
Therapeutic procedures, Potential for complications from health alterations
Potential for complications of treatments/diagnostic tests
Changes in vital signs

Safety and Infection Control - 13%
Standard precautions/surgical asepsis
Security plan, Reporting of incident
Ergonomic principles, Emergency response plan
Accident prevention, Handling infectious materials

Psychosocial Integrity - 11%
Stress management, Therapeutic communication
Sensory alterations, Religious influences on health
End-of-life care, cultural awareness on health, Coping mechanism
Crisis intervention, Behavioral management, Mental health concepts

Basic Care and Comfort - 10%
Personal hygiene, Nonpharmacologic comfort interventions
Nutrition and oral hydration, Rest and sleep
Elimination, Assistive devices

Health Promotion and Maintenance - 10%
High-risk behaviors, Self-care, choices
Health screening, Developmental stages
Data collection techniques, Disease prevention measures
Newborn care, aging process, postpartum

Physiological Adaptation - 10%
Medical emergencies, Fluid imbalances
Strange response to therapies
Basic pathophysiology, Alteration in body

10 Tips to Score well in NCLEX PN Test:

  • Plan and strategize study six months before the actual date of the NCLEX-PN exam.
  • Study in groups around classmates from your LPN program. If attending formal classes motivates you, then check your LPN program or state Board of Nursing for review courses close to your location.
  • Reasons candidates fail to clear the NCLEX-PN is an inadequate readiness, below average knowledge of question pattern, and low self-confidence.
  • Make important lists, diagrams, outlines from the main topics. Pictures help a lot in remembering stuff easily.
  • Follow the textbook answers as the reference is kept as the textbook not the health care facility experience.
  • Practicing test enhances the critical thinking skills and the individuals learn to answer in multiple choice format.
  • NCSBN's Review for the NCLEX-PN test consists of practice questions from experienced nurse professionals.
  • Plan the exam in a hassle-free manner. Take note of the test-taking location prior the exam date.
  • Take a good amount of sleep before the exam and arrive early to the exam site.
  • During the exam, read the questions carefully before answering.

How to Apply for Practice Tests?

The aspiring candidates for the NCLEX PN test must follow these simple steps:

  • Search for some reliable website offering NCLEX practice tests
  • Register yourself on the website and become a valid member
  • Use your account with a user id and password
  • Select the appropriate test level
  • Start answering the questions and check the scores.
  • Enhance your performance by taking multiple practice test and boost your confidence.

Advantages of NCLEX PN Practice Tests

  • It is a great source of motivation and learning.
  • You can get immediate feedback and you can be aware of your weaknesses
  • You can practice at your own pace
  • You will get familiar with the question pattern
  • You will learn time management which is key to success in any exam.
  • You can learn from your mistakes and work on your weak points.