LPN License Verification and Renewal Process

How can you Renew Your LPN License

A Licensed Practical Nurse work for the betterment of the public health and is an integral part of the health care society. After gaining the license, the LPN's are appointed at various hospitals, nursing homes, and doctor's residence. As the training period is short, there is plenty of employment opportunity in the healthcare industry. The LPN's must adhere the standards set the state and maintain their license. The LPN license comes with a validity date and expires after every two years. The professionals are required to seek renewal in order to continue their practice in this rewarding profession.

LPN License Renewal Requirements:

Continuing Education

All LPNs who wish to maintain active license are required to complete 24 contact hours (might vary state to state) of continuing education for license renewal. The courses for the continuing education must be recognized by the Board.


You shall be required to furnish to the Department of Justice and FBI. If you fail to submit the full set of finger prints to the DOJ on the expected date of renewal then the license will go into Inactive status.

Reporting Convictions/Discipline

The Board seeks the LPNs to indicate if they posses any other license issued by a government agency or any other disciplinary body, or have been convicted of any crime in past in the U.S territory, states since they last renewed their license.

How Much does it Cost to Renew LPN License

The cost of LPN license renewal is just the original application fee. The renewal fees vary state to state, but the issuing agency makes the renewal fee details available to the applicants. The submission of application can be done three months prior to the license’s actual expiration. The State's Board of Nursing provides the information regarding the license in your test authorization packet. Some states allow renewal request six months beforehand. The State board of /Nursing will provide you the accurate data in case you miss out something. Before applying for license renewal, you must provide the proof of continuing education credits.

Checklist for the LPN license Renewal Application

You must review your packet before submitting the dorm with the attachments comprising the proof of credits. Check For:

  • All courses including transcripts are mentioned correctly.
  • Seminars and Professional conferences are perfectly documented.
  • Check websites for your state's license issuing authority
  • Many state websites allow online submission of renewal packet. They provide an electronic means to pay your renewal fee.

Waiting Period and LPN License Verification

Since the agency gets but request fro LPN license renewal, therefore, the processing takes some time. You can check the status of the officially renewed license periodically. You shouldn't work a single day without an active license as there is a high risk of liability. You can contact the Board of Nursing for the license status only after 30 days of submission, in case you didn’t receive any notice regarding renewed LPN license. You should have your submission and payment confirmation details with you as it will be used as a reference when you seek the status of your request. It is advisable to keep the copies of submission information in case the packet gets destroyed or lost. You can contact the issuing agency via phone, email or ‘contact Us' form available on the website.

How To Verify LPN License

If you are a practicing Licensed Practical Nurse then you may need to occasionally verify LPN license. There are two known options to verify the legitimacy of the license details. You can verify it online by simply putting the license number and extract the information out of it or you can get in touch with the issuing authority via phone or mail. You must also obtain a copy of photo identification before making a decision on the license information.

Online LPN License Verification

Almost every state in the United States of America runs an official website for nursing licenses. You can simply enter the license number and retrieve following details:

    • Licensing history
    • Probationary status information
    • Any former case of disciplinary action against the license holder

Visit to find the respective State Board of Nursing –



Things To check after Receiving Renewed LPN License

If any kind of discrepancy or error is found on your LPN license, take quick action and request for immediate rectification. You may have to pay a replacement fee which will apparently cost less than the renewal fee. If any personal information such as name is incorrect then immediately contact the issuing agency to learn about the documents required to correct the mistake. Take the corrective measures and track the corrected license.

If the prospective employer encounter error in the license the pre sent them a correct time estimation to show the corrected license. You may be debarred from working under such conditions until you come up with the corrected license. In some extreme cases, the state’s licensing authority may impose fine and there may be a risk to your professional reputation. Check the accuracy of any sought to paperwork twice that you submit with the application. Also, follow the advice on contacting law enforcement if you lose your license.