Top LPN Programs in Vermont

Vermont LPN Schools, License Requirements, Salary, and Job Outlook

Nursing is one of the most challenging and respected professions. In the United States, there is a huge demand for these professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for licensed practical nurses is estimated to grow by 16% between 2014 and 2024. This rate is much faster than the average employment for other professions.

LPNs are the nurses who take care of the basic requirements of the patients and perform several activities like inserting and caring for urinary catheters, collecting specimens such as urine, blood, sputum, etc., wound dressing, administering intravenous and oral medications. In the cases of emergencies, they also perform CPR and monitor the patients with tracheotomy tube and ventilators. Licensed practical nurses are guided by the registered nurses or physicians.

LPNs work at extended care facilities, rehabilitation centers, private homes, clinics, schools, and nursing homes. Licensed practical or vocational nurses are offered lucrative salary all over the country, and job availability is also quite high.

If you want to pursue a career in this field, there are four LPN programs in Vermont where different degree, certificate or diploma programs are offered to the students. For complete information related to the schools, license requirements and salary of an LPN in the state of Vermont, read further.

LPN Schools in Vermont

A nursing school ranks on the top according to the following criteria-

  • Higher Passing Rate of Alumni in NCLEX
  • Financial Aid that a school provides
  • Higher number of students

The nursing schools were then included in the ranking on the basis of following factors-

  • Well-developed Architecture
  • Better Infrastructure
  • Superior Technology
  • Ranking in US News and World Report
  • Teachings offered by world-class faculty
  • Inclusion of world-class facilities
  • World-class Opportunities

We hope that the list will help you to opt the best college as per your preferences in the state. The programs available in these colleges will give you an opportunity to begin your journey as a successful nurse.

Top nursing schools in Vermont are as follows-


Vermont Technical College- Fanny Allen & Williston Campus

Type of Course:Practical Nursing Certificate Program

Vermont Technical College is a leader in providing cost-effective education and individual attention to every student. It is one of the accredited nursing schools in Vermont It has a high placement rate. Fanny Allen and Williston Campus of this institute offer above 15 certificate and degree programs, including licensed practical nursing.

  • Address:

    201 Lawrence Place, Williston, VT 05495-7166
  • Contact Number:

  • Type of Course:

    Practical Nursing Certificate Program
  • Fee(Full-Time, 1 year):

    • Vermont Residents- $22,493
    • Non-VT Residents- $55,269
  • Financial Aid:


Vermont Technical College- Putnam & Bennington Campus

Type of Course:Practical Nursing Certificate Program

Vermont Technical College has 4 branches, where the certificate program for practical nursing is available. They are – Putnam & Bennington Campus, Fanny Allen & Williston, Thompson & Brattleboro, and Randolph Center. This institute encourages the students to pursue their personal interests through athletics, clubs, and other non-academic activities.

  • Address:

    210 South Street, PO Box 650, Bennington, VT 05201
  • Contact Number:

  • Official Website:

  • Type of Course:

    Practical Nursing Certificate Program
  • Fee(Full-Time, 1 year)-

    • Vermont Residents- $22,493
    • Non-VT Residents- $55,269
  • Financial Aid:


Vermont Technical College- Thompson & Brattleboro Campus

Type of Course:Practical Nursing Certificate Program

Thompson & Brattleboro Campus of Vermont Technical College was established in 1907 and became a part of the southeast region of VTC in 1994. This institute is one of the oldest nursing practical schools in the United States of America. The college shares its campus with CCV and has two nursing classrooms, a simulation lab that comprises adult and pediatric simulators, a Telepresence room, and nursing skills lab.

  • Address:

    Brooks House, 41 Harmony Place, Brattleboro, VT 05301
  • Contact Number:

  • Type of Course:

    Practical Nursing Certificate Program
  • Fee (Full-Time, 1 year):

    • Vermont Residents- $22,493
    • Non-VT Residents- $55,269
  • Financial Aid:


Vermont Technical College- Randolph Center

Type of Course:Practical Nursing Certificate Program

The main campus of Vermont Technical College is located in Randolph. This center offers more than 30-degree programs to provide practical knowledge and skills to the aspirants of different fields. This campus is spread over 544 acres with residence halls for 650 students, labs, classrooms, college farmstead, conference facilities and the SHAPE fitness center.

  • Address:

    124 Admin Drive, PO Box 500, Randolph Center, VT 05061
  • Contact Number:

  • Type of Course:

    Practical Nursing Certificate Program
  • Fee (Fall 2016-17)-

    • Vermont Residents- $22,493
    • Non-VT Residents- $55,269
  • Financial Aid:

  • Number of Students:

    1,559 (all undergraduate, fall 2015)

License Requirements for an LPN in Vermont

The next step that an aspirant LPN has to accomplish after gaining a degree, certificate or diploma from an accredited school, university or college, is to obtain licensure in the field. If you want to practice as a professional licensed practical nurse in any state of the U.S., it is a must for you to have a license. Without it, you are unable to work legally in any state. The Nursing Board of Vermont issues the license to the deserving candidates. For more information about getting licensure in different cases and complete procedure, read below –

Step 1: LPN/LVN Program

At first, candidates have to attain a degree, certificate or diploma course from an accredited nursing school in Vermont or any other state. After completion of the course, you are eligible to appear for the NCLEX-PN exam.

Step 2: State Exam

After completing a degree, diploma or certificate in practical nursing, the candidates are eligible to undertake the state examination for LPN, i.e., NCLEX-PN. It is a must for every candidate to obtain passing marks in this test. Soon after passing this exam, you can apply for a license to the state board of nursing.

Step 3: Application for Licensure

In order to apply for licensure as an LPN to the Vermont Board of Nursing, you need to submit a completely filled and properly signed application form. Along with the form, you need to submit application fee either via money order or check.

Step 4: Verification

Nursing Board of Vermont checks all the details in the transcripts and documents provided by you and this process may take some time. Once they are done with confirming all your information, they add your name to the Vermont nurse aide registry. After that, you can apply for employment as a licensed practical nurse.

Step 5: Maintenance of Licensure

After gaining the license in the state as an LPN, you can work without any interruptions until the licensure period expires. Before the ending of this time period, you have to renew the license, in order continue your work.

Verification of the Licensure

If you want to verify your nursing license in the state, you need to fill an application form and send it to the Vermont Nursing Board. With the form, you also need to submit the application fee of $20 via check or money order. This amount is payable to the Office of the Secretary of State. This payment is non-refundable. Click here for the verification of the LPN license.

Vermont Nursing License Renewal

If you already hold a license in Vermont and want to renew it, you can apply online. There are numerous benefits of online application such as there are fewer errors related to transcripts, the board receives the form sooner as compared to offline mode, and also, it serves the individuals more efficiently. You do not need to register with a new account for nursing license renewal in Vermont if you already hold a license in the state. The Office of Professional Regulation does not use postal mode to send renewal reminders or notices.

Change of Name and Address

Those who want to change the name and address on the license have to inform about it within 30 days. In order to update your information, click here

Salary of a Licensed Practical Nurse in Vermont

As per the reports of, licensed practical nurses in Vermont earned an average salary of $45,000 (as of September 30, 2016). While data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the hourly and annual mean wages of these professionals were $22.03 and $45,830, respectively (as of May 2015).

Average Annual Salaries of Related Job Titles

Job Title Salary
Patient Care Technician Student $19,000
Medical Assistant Family Practice $21,000
Long-term Care LPN $20,000
LPN Cma Rma $32,000
LPN Ambulatory $25,000
LPN Long Term Care $16,000
Clinical Nurse LPN $14,000
LPN LVN $18,000
Nar Nursing Assistant Hope $30,000
Nurse RN LPN $35,000
Psychiatric Nurse $17,000
LPN Primary Care $15,000
Correctional Prison Facility LPN $10,000
CNA Medical Surgical $29,000
Renal Dialysis Nurse $23,000

Information Source:

According to the data in the table above, Patient Care Technician Students were the least paid professionals with $15,000, whereas Psychiatric Nurses earned the highest with $50,000.

Annual Median Salaries of LPNs in Different Cities of Vermont

Name of the City Salary
Burlington $42,043
Colchester $42,043
Essex $42,043
Rutland $43,752
South Burlington $42,043

Information Source: (as of September, 2016)

After analysis of the above table, it can be concluded that the salary of licensed practical nurses was the highest in Rutland with $43,752, while the wage ($42,043) of these professionals was the least in all the other four cities.

Job Outlook for Licensed Practical Nurses in Vermont

As per the reports of, 1,450 licensed practical nurses were employed in May 2015 in Vermont. As per the population of the state, this employment level is quite good. There are many job opportunities for these professionals in Vermont. Jobs are available in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, etc.