Top LPN Programs in Alaska

Alaska LPN Schools, License Requirements, Job Outlook, and Salary

The state of Alaska is committed to offer high-quality welfare to the society through proficient, skilled, and highly-qualified teaching staff, and promote the nursing individuals with excellent employment opportunities. Licensed practical nurses who are dedicated to improve the well-being of patients by taking care of all their health needs are welcome here. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has estimated a total of 16% rise in the employment with a booming 9.2% hike in Alaska, in 2015. Individuals who are interested in joining LPN programs in Alaska should go for a well-recognized nursing institute, accredited by the Alaska Board of Nursing (ABN). Though there are not many accredited nursing schools in Alaska, huge job opportunities are blessing in disguise.

LPN programs generally complete in 12-18 months and have a very rigorous coursework, requiring you to study several subjects like Algebra, Psychology, Physiology, Pharmacology, etc. You also get opportunities to do practice under the supervision of registered nurses and doctors. In order to get complete information about accredited nursing schools in Idaho, license requirements, salary, and job outlook for these professionals, go through this article.

Alaska LPN Licensing Requirements


License by Examination

To apply for a practical nursing license in the state of Alaska, an applicant must have to pass the NCLEX examination after successful completion of the program. Applicants should make sure that they hold a Social Security Number (SSN) and an application signed by a notary, in order to apply for the state nurse licensure examination.

Other pre-requisites are:

  • A completed fingerprint card on an ABN card.
  • A 2"X2" recent passport-size photograph with your face and shoulders. The photograph should be signed and dated.
  • Official transcript sent directly from your nursing college or school.
  • Proof of successful completion of a nursing program sent directly from your accredited school of nursing.
  • Submission of application fees, i.e., $275. The application fees would be $325, in case of requesting a temporary permit.
  • Documents that are not in English should be attached with approved and certified English translation.
  • NCLEX exam registration proof.

Note:Make sure to register your details in Alaska Nurse Aide Registry before applying for a license.
The application of the licensure by examination can be downloaded by clicking the below given link:

After filling the application, send it to:
Board of Nursing

550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1500
Anchorage, AK 99501
Contact No.- 907-269-8161
Fax- 907-269-8196
Electronic transcripts can be sent to: [email protected]

Licensure by Endorsement

Nurses who don't hold LPN license of Alaska, but of some other state, can avail the endorsement policy of the Alaska board. The rise in LPN jobs in the state is attracting a large number of nurses from the other states.

The candidates are supposed to meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a recent passport-size photograph.
  • The application should be properly signed and notarized.
  • Fees for application: Application fee of $50, fingerprint processing fee of $60, license fee of $165, and the temporary permit fee of $50. Please note that application fee is non-refundable and the temporary fee will apply only if requested. So, you need to pay $325 (or $275 if the temporary permit fee is not applicable) via money order or check to the State of Alaska.
  • A completed fingerprint card should be submitted on a card approved by ABN.
  • A complete verification of current license to be sent directly by the respective state.
  • Proof or verification of minimum 320 hours working experience as a nurse in last two years before the date of application. If you don’t have a document of working experience, complete a refresher course approved by the Board or fulfill the continuing competency requirements.
  • Verification of passing the NCLEX exam.

If you are a graduate from a nursing program outside the USA or Canada (except Quebec), then you need to clear any one of the below-given English proficiency exam with minimum passing marks:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language, paper-based test (TOEFL-PBT)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language, Internet-based test (TOEFL-iBT)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language, computer-based test (TOEFL-CBT)

To download the application of licensure by endorsement, click here. Send the completely filled application to the Board of Nursing at the address mentioned above (in "License by Examination" section).

Alaska Nursing License Renewal

In the state of Alaska, all Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) licenses expire biennially in the even-numbered year. The expiration date is September 30, and you cannot work if your license has not been renewed before this date.

Verification of the License

For downloading the license verification form, click here.
Submit the completed form with verification fee of $20 to:
State Office Building
333 Willoughby Avenue, 9th Floor
PO Box 110806, Juneau, AK 99811-0806


  • The fee must be paid via check drawn on the name of "State of Alaska".
  • Generally, the request is processed within 14 days after receiving the application. Submit a prepaid addressed envelope if you wish to receive the verification via express courier.

For online license verification, visit

Reinstatement of LPN License

In case, you couldn't renew your license on time; then you can apply for reinstatement of the license by submitting:

  • A signed and notarized completed application.
  • Passport-size 2"x 2" photograph revealing face and shoulders. The photograph should not be older than six months and should be properly signed and dated.
  • Proof of licensure sent directly from each jurisdiction of the state where you obtained your nursing license.
  • Fingerprint card
  • Proof of working for at least 320 hours as a nurse.
  • A fee of $325 via check or money order made payable to the State of Alaska.
  • Fulfill any one of the following continuing competency requirements:

1.Proof of completion of any two of the following:

  • 30 hours of unremunerated professional activities in nursing.
  • 30 contact hours of CE (continuing education) in nursing.
  • 320 hours of nursing employment.

2. Clear the NCLEX exam within two years of application.
3. Proof of completion of refresher course in nursing withing two years of application. The course must be pre-approved by the board.
4. Obtained a certificate or degree in nursing, or completed at least 2 required courses beyond the education requisites for your original license.

    • If you are not satisfying continuing competency by using "nursing employment" (as mentioned above) as one of the activities, submit a proof of 320 hours of employment within the preceding 5 years. In case, you haven’t worked as a nurse within the past five years, provide a proof of completion of method 2 or 4 (mentioned above).

Download the application from the below given link:

Duplicate License

For obtaining a duplicate license, an applicant is required to provide the following:

      • Name, number, and type of license.
      • A duplicate license fee of $5.
      • Fully signed and dated information, along with the reason for issuing a duplicate license.

Click the following link for downloading the application:

Submit the completely filled application to:
Divison of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing
550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1500
Anchorage, AK 99501-3567

Name and/or Address Change on the License

Download the form from here.

For changing address, provide your name, license type and number, new mailing address, and sign it. No fee is charged for changing the address.

For changing name, provide your previous name, license type and number, and new name. You will also have to provide notarization along with a fee of $5.00.

Salary of Practical Nurses in Alaska

According to, the average salary of practical nurses in Alaska was $37,000 per annum (as of November 4, 2016).

Various Job Titles for LPN/LVN with Average Annual Salaries

Job Title Salary
LPN Ambulatory $25,000
LPN CMA RMA $22,000
LPN Long-Term Care $24,000
Renal Dialysis Nurse $39,000
LPN LVN $30,000
Long Term Care LPN $20,000
Correctional Prison Facility LPN $17,000
Medical Assistant Family Practice $21,000
CNA Medical Surgical $20,000
Nurse RN LPN $36,000
Nar Nursing Assistant Hope $18,000
Psychiatric Nurse $42,000
Patient Care Technician Student $12,000
LPN Primary Care $34,000
Clinical Nurse LPN $27,000

Information Source:

This table shows that Renal Dialysis Nurses were paid the highest salary, i.e., $39,000. Nurse RN LPN and LPN Primary Care made $36,000 and $34,000, respectively. Patient Care Technician Student made an earning of $12,000, which was the lowest.

Annual Average Salary of LPNs in Various Cities of Alaska

As per (as of July 29, 2016), the annual salary of LPNs in different cities of Alaska was as follows:

From the above table, we can conclude that LPNs in Anchorage earned the maximum average salary, i.e., $51,997. On the other hand, Licensed Practical Nurses in Sitka earned the least, that is $41,860.

Name of the City Salary
Anchorage $51,997
Juneau $50,853
Fairbanks $50,358
Palmer $46,837
Sitka $41,860
Wasilla $51,293

From the above table, we can conclude that LPNs in Anchorage earned the maximum average salary, i.e., $51,997. On the other hand, Licensed Practical Nurses in Sitka earned the least, that is $41,860.

Job Outlook

Various clinics and hospitals warmly welcome the nurses from different states to practice in Alaska. According to the experts, the state of Alaska will be soon flooding with employment opportunities for nurses. If you are a Licensed Practical Nurse and want to opt for a higher education, you can join an RN program. Various well-known schools in the state offer practical nursing certificate and degree programs with an option to opt for an LPN to RN integrated transition. If you are a nursing aspirant and want to achieve great heights in the nursing career and serve the health needs of the community by utmost care, you should consider joining an LPN program in the state of Alaska.