Top CNA Programs in Maryland

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) work in healthcare facilities in Maryland and help with daily living tasks of elderly and/or infirm people. Key duties assigned to a CNA are observing the patient's vital signs, fulfilling their basic health needs, ensuring a healthy environment for them and preparing them for medical examinations.

Usually, CNAs provide support for Registered Nurses (RNs) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and work under their supervision. The salary and job responsibilities of a CNA will vary depending on their place of employment. Potential work settings for a CNA include local hospitals, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and patient homes.

The most significant aspects of pursuing one's CNA license are:

  • No college degree is required
  • High demand for CNAs
  • Short training period (less than 3 months)
  • Solid medical career starting point

How to Choose a Top CNA Program in Maryland

Prospective CNA students who are interested in attending the top programs in their state should take the following measures into consideration when looking at schools:

  • Tuition and fee rates
  • Student to instructor ratio
  • Graduation and drop-out rates
  • Financial Aid, scholarships, and student employment opportunities
  • State exam pass rate in comparison to the statewide average
  • Program accolades or awards
  • Partnerships with local hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Qualifications of CNA instructors
  • Years of continual operation of the program
  • Number of campuses the program is offered at

Testing and Certification

Most often, the duration of a CNA program in the state of Maryland is 100 hours – 60 didactic hours and 40 clinical training hours. Upon successful completion of a state-approved CNA program, graduates must pass a CNA competency exam offered by Pearson Vue. Like many other states, Maryland's CNA competency exam comprises two sections: a written exam and a manual skills evaluation.

List of Top CNA Classes and Programs in Maryland

Harford Community College

Harford Community College is a 2-year, state-funded community college that was first founded in 1957 under the name Harford Junior College. The college is located in the town of Churchville. HCC offers students 21 certificate programs and 61 associate’s degrees.

The CNA program at HCC takes around 2 months from beginning to end and is composed of two courses. The first course’s primary focus is to introduce theoretical topics such as anatomy & physiology, patient care, medical terminology and various diseases CNAs are likely to encounter with patients. During this first course, students also learn CPR. The second course is composed only of on-site, clinical training that is supervised by a registered nurse at a local nursing home.

Healthcare facilities near Churchville currently hiring CNAs

  • Upper Chesapeake Health
  • Bel Air Health and Rehabilitation Center
  • Right at Home


Students who enroll in HCCs Certified Nursing Assistant course can expect to pay an estimated cost of $2,028. This doesn’t include textbooks or other required materials.

Frederick Community College

First established in 1957, Frederick Community College is a 2 year, post-secondary institution located in Frederick, a city in the western region of the state. Since the school was founded, it has grown from only 77 students to over 17,000 students. FCC boasts more than 70 degree and certificate programs.

As a part of its Allied Health Academy, FCC offers students a CNA training program. The program includes classroom instruction where students can master the technical and theoretical facets of CNA work. After students successfully complete a written and practical exam, they are then allowed to participate in the clinical practicum portion of the course—45 hours of supervised clinical training at a nursing facility in the area. Here, CNA candidates are managed by experienced RNs who evaluate their performance of various nursing assistant tasks and their interactions with staff and residents. In its entirety, the nighttime program takes 15 weeks to complete; however, FCC also offers a daytime ‘bootcamp’ that can be finished in just 7 weeks.

Healthcare facilities located near Frederick currently hiring CNAs

  • Active Day
  • Edento Retirement Community
  • Right At Home


Students who enroll in FCC's Certified Nursing Assistant course can expect to pay an estimated cost of $3,000. This does not include textbooks or the CPR course that is required for the course.

Carroll Community College

Carroll Community College is a community college located in Carroll County. CCC was originally founded in 1976. Its average class size is just 18 students.

CCC offers students a 138-hour Certified Nursing Assistant program that’s open to individuals who are at least 16 years old. Prior to enrollment in the course, students must pass a reading test and CPR certification course. The program curriculum is comprised of theory, a skills laboratory and clinical skills education. In order to begin the clinical portion of the program, students must pass an exam that verifies their knowledge base.

Healthcare facilities located near Carroll County currently hiring CNAs

  • Carroll Hospital Center
  • Frederick County Government
  • Fairhaven


Students who enroll in Carroll Community College’s CNA course can expect to pay an estimated cost of $1,794.

Chesapeake College

Founded in 1965 as the first regional college in the state, Chesapeake College is a community college with its main location in the city of Wye Mills, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It also operates a secondary campus in Cambridge, Maryland. The 2-year institution grants associate’s degrees, certificates, and more.

Through its Division of Continuing Education, Chesapeake College offers students a 150-contact hour CNA program. Daytime and evening classes are generally held two evenings or two days during the week and are offered throughout the year. Classes begin at the start of each month. Like most other CNA programs, CC’s is composed of two portions: theory (in-class instruction), skills lab, CPR training, and on-site clinical training at a local long-term healthcare facility. Just 8 students are permitted in each class.

Healthcare facilities located near Wye Mills and Cambridge currently hiring CNAs

  • Signature HealthCARE LLC.
  • UM Shore Regional Health
  • Bayleigh Chase


Students who enroll in Chesapeake College’s CNA course can expect to pay an estimated cost of $1,375 plus additional fees.