Top CNA Programs in Indiana

Choosing to pursue a career path as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN) in today's job market is a great choice, as healthcare jobs continue to rise. CNA jobs are predicted to grow by 21% until the year 2022, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most often, CNAs assist registered nurses and practical nurses in providing personal care needs like dressing, performing transfers from wheelchairs to beds, and bathing patients. Many RNs begin their careers as CNAs. Because CNAs have an extensive amount of direct daily contact with their patients, they are absolutely essential in providing information regarding a patient's condition to RNs and physicians.

How to Choose a Top CNA Program in Indiana

There are a number of ways that students can research CNA programs in order to choose the best option. Aside from choosing a properly accredited program, students should consider the following:

  • Total program cost
  • Length of program
  • Full-time or part-time attendance options
  • Are courses offered online?
  • What kind of financial aid is available (scholarships, grants, etc.)?
  • What kind of credentials do the instructors have?
  • Does the school have partnerships with local healthcare facilities?
  • Is the program offered at multiple campus locations?

Testing and Certification

CNAs in Indiana are required to complete an Indiana State Department of Health approved training program. State approved programs are required to have at least 105 hours of educational training in total. Programs must include 30 hours of in-class, theoretical education, and 75 hours of on-site clinical skills training. The state certification examinations are administered by Ivy Tech Community College. The exam consists of two portions: knowledge/theory and skills.

To take both the written and skills evaluation, students are required to pay $75. Those opting to only take one portion of the exam will be expected to pay $65.

List of Top CNA Classes and Programs in Indiana

Ivy Tech Community College

First established in 1963, Ivy Tech Community College is the state of Indiana’s publicly funded, preeminent community college system. ITCC encompasses over 40 educational locations, represents Indiana’s largest public postsecondary educational institutions, and serves as the country’s single largest community college system statewide. Each school year, Ivy Tech Community College serves approximately 200,000 students. ITCC offers students over 150 programs and offers over 100 transfer programs.

Ivy Tech Community College offers prospective CNA students a one semester, 5 credit hour nursing assistant training course totaling 105 hours. Upon successful completion of the program, CNA candidates are eligible to sit for the state nursing assistant certification exam.

Healthcare facilities located near Indianapolis are currently hiring CNAs

  • Vincent Health
  • Priority Life Care
  • Heritage Operations Group, LLC


Students from inside of Indiana who are planning on enrolling in Ivy Tech Community College’s CNA program are required to pay an approximate course tuition fee of $703, while students coming from out of state are required to pay an approximate course tuition fee of $824. Additional course fees may be required.

J. Everett Light Career Center

Originally founded in 1971 and located on the northern side of the city of Indianapolis, J. Everett Light Career Center is a technical education facility which mainly serves juniors and seniors in high school who wish to begin pursuing various career-oriented academic programs. In this way, high school students are able to kill two birds with one stone by receiving credit toward their diploma as well as college credit toward their respective certification programs.

Everett Light Career Center allows high school students in their final two years to enroll in an 8-credit hour CNA training course. Students enrolled in the CNA courses will meet 3 hours per day for a single year. At the end of the year, given their success in the courses, these high school students are then able to earn their CNA certification upon completing clinical rotations and passing the Indiana state board exam.

Healthcare facilities located near Northern Indianapolis that are currently hiring CNAs

  • Priority Life Care
  • American Senior Communities
  • Vincent Health


Prospective students coming from either inside or outside the state of Indiana who plan to enroll in J. Everett Light Career Center’s Certified Nursing Assistant Program can expect to pay a total of $16,018 per year.

Miller’s Merry Manor Nurse Aide Training Program – Fort Wayne

Located in Fort Wayne, Miller’s Merry Manor Nurse Aide Training Program has been operating continuously since 1964. Since its inception, the institution has acted both as a long-term nursing care facility and as a nursing assistant training institute. Miller's Merry Manor of Fort Wayne is a Medicare-certified nursing home and rehabilitation center.

MMM Nurse Aide Training program consists of two main sections: an in-class, didactic lecture portion and the clinical practicum portion. As far as the didactic portion of the course goes, students are required to complete 36-40 hours of in-class instruction. Throughout this section, a number of tests will be administered to students. Students are required to pass each test throughout the term with at least an 80% to continue on, and three attempts are given.

The clinical portion of the program consists of 75 hours of supervised skills practice and evaluation in a long-term care facility under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse. ‘

After the initial 75 hours of initial practice, students are required to take a supervised practicum where they’re expected to perform a number of nursing skills successfully. If students are unable to perform the required skills under the supervision of a registered nurse, they will not be eligible to sit for the state certification exam.

Healthcare facilities located near Fort Wayne that are currently hiring CNAs

  • Lutheran Hospital of Indiana
  • Parkview Health
  • Covington Manor Health and Rehabilitation Center


For current information on Miller’s Merry Manor’s CNA program costs, call 574-267-7211 or fill out a contact form on their website.

Vincennes University

Originally founded over 200 years ago as Jefferson Academy, Vincennes University is a publicly funded university with its main campus located in the city of Vincennes in the south east corner of the state. Vincennes University represents the oldest state-funded, postsecondary educational institution in Indiana. In addition to its main campus, VU maintains campuses in Fort Branch/Gibson County, Jasper, and in the Indianapolis area.

Vincennes University offers its students a Certified Nursing Assistant Program composed 105 hours—75 clinical hours and 30 in-class lecture hours. Clinical skills rotations are conducted at long term nursing care facilities in Jasper. Because VU’s curriculum meets every required guideline for CNAs set forth by Indiana, students who successfully complete the program will be able to sit for the Indiana State CNA competency exam. VU’s CNA programs are offered to students year-round, both during the day as well as evening.

Some students may be able to receive financial aid via the local Indiana Workforce Development Office.

Healthcare facilities located near Vincennes and Jasper that are currently hiring CNAs

  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Daviess Community Hospital
  • Memorial Hospital and Health Care


Students enrolled in VU’s Certified Nursing Assistant program can expect to pay a total estimated cost of $1,195.