How Much Does an LPN Program Cost?

Tuition Fee for an LPN Training

While choosing an LPN program, the main concern is the tuition fee. The fee charged depends on the geographical area and the state. Certain LPN schools charge a low price, i.e., $4000, as tuition fee, whereas it may go as high as $33,000 in other colleges. In addition to the tuition cost, there are other expenses related to books, transport, boarding facility for hostelers, etc. On an average, the fee charged ranges from $7,000-$10,000. The high fees take a toll on the students who are not financially stable. However, several colleges offer scholarships or financial aid to reduce the overall burden on the students.

Other Costs Associated with LPN School and How to Save Money?

As mentioned above, the tuition fee is just the price of the classroom education. Besides this, there are many other costs that a student has to incur during the LPN course. The list below will provide the aspirants with different expenses involved in the course.

1. Books

In addition to the expert faculty, books are also required for a deeper understanding of the subjects. The books cost $1000-$1500 on an average. However, several universities and colleges have their own bookstores, but they are much costly. It is best for the students to buy their own stuff. Before buying the books, the candidates should check online at Amazon or Ebay for attractive offers. The candidates can also take benefit from This website offers books and other academic materials on rent. When you shop for books, do note that the ISBN (a unique number assigned to each book) is of your interest. Moreover, the candidates should purchase the apt edition.

2. Stethoscope

This is an essential requirement for all those who look forward to making a career in nursing. The device helps make the correct assessment of the patients. The price should not overrule the quality of the medical device. Inferior quality stethoscope does not provide the sound clarity and many times, lead to wrong observation. The stethoscope of Littmann brand have good performance and are used by experts. The range of good stethoscope starts from $75, and it can go up to $150 or even more. The nurses should also buy a Stethosnap to get a good hold of the device.

3. Uniform and Nursing Supplies

Generally, LPN uniform consists of top, pant, and scrub. However, every school has a different uniform. In addition to the uniform, the candidates ought to have shoes that meet the school standards. The candidates are allowed to put on minimal makeup. Certain LPN schools provide the school uniform with their logo on it. The nurses should have their own pocket protector with bandage scissors, calculator, and pocket notepad. Certain schools require the students to wear a uniform every day for classes. In that case, you would need two pairs of clothing. Some colleges provide specific colored scrub to a particular type of nurse. The uniform may cost you $20 to several hundred dollars.

4. NCLEX-PN Testing

NCLEX-PN is a licensure exam to test the skills and knowledge accumulated during the program. It is mandatory for all the candidates to pass this test to obtain the license and start working in a professional front. An additional fee of $200 is charged for getting registered with the exam conducting agency along with the application fees that needs to be sent to the Board. The application fee may differ depending on the state. If the candidate does not clear the examination in first two attempts, s/he would have to register again by paying $200.

5. Fees

Apart from these basic fees, there are many other miscellaneous fees that need to be deposited. The students are charged for parking, technology, clinics, cafeteria, etc.

Lost Wages for Attending LPN School

There are some students who need to manage work and study at the same time due to some or other reasons. Those students who are employed would have to leave the job in order to pursue the course. Full-time LPN programs have a hectic schedule and doing a job simultaneously is a tough row to hoe. Some students can not afford to quit the job. In unavoidable circumstances, the prospective LPNs can cut back on the working hours. Even if s/he works part-time, s/he will get fewer wages for it. The students should strike a balance between work and studies in such a way that sufficient time is devoted to the nursing education.

Personal Costs of Pursuing the LPN Course

LPN schools can be tiring with back to back classes and clinic rotations. The students may not get proper sleep or appropriate rest due to tight schedules. The work pressure of studies may leave you completely exhausted with no time for family, friends, and outings. The candidates should take care of their health by taking a minimum of six hours of rest. You can go to a movie or hang out with friends once in a while, to refresh your mind.

Scholarships for LPN Program

The availability of financial aid (grants and scholarship) can ease out the financial burden of the students. Almost all the colleges offer financial aid to the students on the basis of merit. The scholarship is a good way to pay the fee for an LPN program and students are not required to pay it back like the loans. While applying for the scholarships, the candidates need to be careful as there are many traps for the innocent individuals. Be aware of the scholarships that ask for social security number and credit card information. In order to qualify for the scholarship, the students are required to complete the application and submit it with an essay. The essay should explain why do you need the scholarship and why you are the most suitable candidate for it? Scholarships are limited, and the candidates with the best essay are selected for it. Review the essay for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Ask your friend to give another reading to it as they may pinpoint the faults that you have escaped. The applicants should apply for the scholarships before the deadline, to avail the benefits.

National LPN/LVN Scholarships


FAFSA refers to Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form can be filled by the students annually to know their eligibility for the student aid. The application is free and can be applied by anyone. The student gets to know about the available scholarships in the college on submitting the form. The federal grants, work-study programs, and loans can be availed only after filling the form. There are 3 methods to avail the scholarship through FAFSA:

The online submitted FAFSA is processed within 3-5 working days. The processing of paper applications completes in 7-10 days. The candidates should submit the FAFSA before the deadline.

Prerequisites for Federal Student Aid

In order to be eligible for FAFSA application form, the candidates should fulfill the below-mentioned conditions:

  • S/he must have completed high school or possess General Education Development (GED) certificate.
  • The aspirants should not be in the default list related to a current loan.
  • The applicants should not have a criminal record.
  • You are supposed to have a satisfactory academic record.
  • The candidates should have a valid Social Security Number. It is not mandatory for the residents of Palau, Marshall Island, and Micronesia.
  • S/he should be enrolled in an LPN program.
  • The applicant should have registered with Selective Service System during the age of 18-25.
  • S/he should be a citizen of the U.S.

Completing FAFSA for LPN

These are the things that you will need while preparing for FAFSA.

  • Social security number or alien registration number if you are not a citizen of the United States.
  • Records and bank statements of recent investment.
  • All documents related to untaxed income.
  • Electronic Personal Identification Number (PIN)- It is a secret number that is used for identification, and with its help, one can electronically sign the FAFSA.
  • If you are a dependent student, your parents will also have to furnish all the information mentioned above. The exception includes students over 23, military or veteran students, married students, and students possessing master’s degree or Ph.D. Visit the official website of FAFSA for complete information.

The FAFSA form would ask the students to mention the name of their educational institution. If you are not sure that which college you are going to attend, write the name of at least ten institutions.

After Completing FAFSA

Once your application is processed, you will receive a notification through an email. It enables you to view the Student Aid Report (SAR) that gives you an idea of your eligibility for Federal Student Aid. The report also contains Expected Family Contribution (EFC) at the top of the first page, below the social security number. EFC is a number that helps determine the student aid eligibility and the financial award.

The document contains the information entered in the FAFSA form in brief. So, you can make corrections after verifying the information. To make corrections, log in to FAFSA website and click FAFSA corrections. Then, enter your Federal Student Aid Pin. The candidates will receive a revised SAR after the corrections are processed. The last page of the SAR contains the financial aid history. You can review the last page to know about the financial aid and loans received till date.

In the end, the candidates should cross-check with the schools for which s/he has applied. Once the form is completed, the information will be mailed to the universities and colleges mentioned by the students in the application. All the schools should then create and give the financial aid packages. These packages are sent to the students at the time of admission or sometimes, later on.

Student Aid Deadlines

It is very important that the FAFSA form is submitted before the deadline. Missing the deadline means losing the chance to get monitory help. Along with this, there are many other student aids offered by the state or colleges that should be applied before the deadline. The students can refer to the colleges’ website for more details. It is recommended to the students not to wait for the deadlines and submit the application as soon as previous year’s tax return is completed.
There are three types of deadline that the students should take care of:

  • College Deadline
    The deadline is stated by the college. Every school has a different deadline, but, generally, it occurs before the academic session starts.
  • The State Deadline
    The next deadline is imposed by the state. Many of the states have changed the deadline from January 1 to October 1 for the early launch of financial aid. Many states run on the policy of ‘first come first serve.’ If your state’s deadline is near, you should submit FAFSA at the earliest.
  • The Federal Deadline
    The last deadline is given by the FAFSA. Apply for the funds as soon as possible, as some federal aid programs have limited funds.

Cost of Hybrid and Refresher Courses

Hybrid Course – These programs offer the convenience of completing some subjects in a regular classroom while others can be pursued online such as gerontology, health promotion and assessment, physiology, anatomy, nutrition, and pharmacology. The community colleges charge about $90-$250 per credit for hybrid programs, depending on whether the students are in-state or out-of-state residents. Other expenses may include books, lab fees, uniform, and insurance. Depending on the school, the cost varies between $8,000-$15,000.

Refresher Course – These are the online courses meant to be practiced by the LPNs, who have remained out of practice for some years. To make a comeback, they must get a quick revision of the course. The course consists of web-based training and in-person clinical practicum. The web-based course covers the areas like adult health nursing, pharmacology, and contemporary medical-nursing surgery. The clinical component of the course is carried out in hospitals and health care settings. The cost may vary in the range between $1,000-1,500, depending on the type of school.