Accredited Online LPN Programs

The professionals engaged in the medical field work in a proper coordination to help the patients recover quickly. Licensed Practical Nurses are the ones who take care of the sick or disabled people under the guidance of doctors or Registered Nurses. It is a job that needs patience with good communication skills along with the academic and practical knowledge.

You need to complete a degree, diploma or certificate program in practical nursing to become an LPN. There are several accredited schools and colleges in the US located in different cities. However, there can be students who can’t go to a regular college as they might have some family issues or might be working part-time to earn their livelihood.

For such candidates, online options are available. Although you can’t get an LPN degree online; you can do some of the classes online and others on-campus. Also, you can register for LPN to RN/BSN online programs, but that is after you complete your LPN degree. Apart from that, LPN refresher courses are also there to help those nurses who left their jobs after a few years and want to get into the profession back.

It is necessary to understand that there is no way that you can become an LPN online. The online programs offered by some schools are not accredited or approved. So, it would be better not to fall for such courses.

Below is the list of some online LPN programs that you can choose according to your requirements.
1. Achieve Test Prep – LPN to RN/BSN Online Program

It is a bridge program that requires you to have an LPN diploma, certificate or degree. LPN to RN program is a credit-by-exam course. You can attend live classes with the real instructors. They are interactive to the extent that you can watch and listen to the instructors, ask questions and hear other students as well.

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2. Global Learn – LPN to RN Online Program

You can become an RN by getting your ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing) online. It is flexible enough to match your schedule and speed. The prerequisite for this course is successful completion of an LPN degree, diploma or certificate program. This program consumes less time and is affordable as well. Global Learn’s customer support team is always ready to assist and guide you in navigating the best learning path.

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3. Hybrid Programs

Such LPN programs are the combination of on-campus and online classes. A Licensed Nursing Program needs you to attend the clinical work in a medical setting. The students who plan to do a hybrid LPN course can enroll in the accredited schools who are offering these programs. However, they need to stay nearby the institute so that they can commute easily to attend clinical training. Here, the advantage is that they don’t need to be a regular student, can take online classes and do practical work altogether.
4. LPN Core Classes

There are various LPN programs in community colleges and vocational centers that require you to complete some core classes in Science and Mathematics. These LPN classes can be accomplished online. Apart from that, the practical clinical practice has to be done at a local hospital or medical facility.
5. LPN Refresher Courses

For the LPNs who are certified, quit practicing due to reason or another, and want to join the profession again; these LPN courses are advantageous. The refresher courses for these LPNs are offered online. Such programs are designed in a way to train them practically so that they can get comfortable with the clinical work again.
6. Online LPN Bridge Programs

These online LPN programs are not to acquire an LPN certificate. Instead, they act as a bridge program from or to LPN programs. The options for such students are:

(i) LPN to ADN
(ii) LPN to BSN
(iii) LPN to RN
(iv) Online LPN to RN
(v) CNA to LPN